Graduation Policy and Procedures Class of 2017 June 9th, 2017 6PM in the Old Gym Graduation is a time to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of the senior class. SJHS's Graduation ceremony will be formal and held with dignity and honor. The graduation ceremony will be conducted in the following manner: 1. Each participating student must participate in the graduation ceremony rehearsal. 2. Each student who participates will purchase the proper cap and gown as designated. 3. Caps and gowns will be worn in the proper manner, as designated by the school administration. 4. Students who participate will be expected to wear attire and accessories which are school appropriate. 5. Each student who participates will be expected to cooperate and follow the formal ceremony expectations. Any student who is asked to leave the ceremony will have their diplomas held until school administration meets with student and family. If a guest causes a disruption, the guest will be escorted off the property and charged with disorderly conduct. 6. Failure to comply with the above requirements will automatically forfeit a student's privilege of participation in the graduation ceremonies. Updated August 3, 2016 Deceased Student Policy

Honoring Deceased Students at Graduation Ceremonies

South Johnston High School desires to honor deceased students whom have passed away during their school career (K-12) and has developed the following policy to direct that practice:

  1. It shall be determined, as best as possible, that the deceased student would still have:

    1. Resided in the South Johnston High School attendance district

    2. Attended SJHS with the potential to graduate

(example: the family still lives in the SJHS attendance boundaries)

  1. The deceased student’s parent or guardian will contact the principal of SJHS and request that the student be honored at the graduation ceremony.  This request shall be made during what would have been the student’s senior year, but prior to April 1st. Requests made after April 1st of the graduation year shall be considered by the high school principal in consultation with staff members.

  2. The deceased student shall be honored in the following ways:

  1. Name mentioned during the invocation and/or opening moment of silence; and

  2. A graduation cap, tassel and flowers (purchased by SJHS) placed on a chair in the last row of graduating seniors; and,

  3. Name listed in the graduation program:  In Memoriam

  1. The family shall receive the same number of tickets to the ceremony as other graduating seniors for that school year.  Live streaming will be available for the family to view the ceremony off site as well.

It is the desire of SJHS staff to recognize graduation as a time of celebration as to the accomplishments of the senior class while acknowledging, with dignity and respect, those students that have passed prior to graduation.

Updated: August 3, 2016

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